Lee Cook Parlor Guitar

A couple of years ago my good friend Lee Cook transitioned from building electric guitars (complete with his own hand wound pickups) to experimenting with acoustic guitar design. His first full fledged effort was a Dreadnought that played as well and sounded a great as some of the best guitars I've ever owned or used.
When he showed it to me I jokingly said "I'll take a Parlor version of this!" and before I knew it, he was having me pick out woods and inlay designs. As things progressed I got to dive in much deeper than just picking materials.  I've had a blast getting my hands dirty, learning about the art and techniques involved in taking a few hunks of raw wood and turning them into a versatile musical instrument.
Here's some of my chronicling of the process. I'll update as we finish it off. For more info on his guitars and a deeper dive into his work, check Lee out at: